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What is Soul Voice® ?

Here is an article written by Chantal Fabrice:

Soul Voice® - Where the Magic happens!

Discover your unique true voice and reconnect with your unique essence, reaching newfound freedom of being, within yourself, that you never knew existed. This is the promise of the Soul Voice® journey.

The voice is indeed the most powerful healing tool available to us, which we all possess. It is a direct doorway to profound healing on all levels of our being.

When you learn to use your voice in this way, when you dare to express the sounds – any sounds – that come through you, something magical happens.

And as you find the courage to delve deeper, and deeper still, through the layers of unexpressed emotions buried deeply inside your body, you come to a place of new-found freedom, a place where you get more and ever more in touch with your true essence, your true self, that which is unique to you.

When you reclaim your true voice, a miracle happens!

Too often it seems that we live in our heads, wearing a mask and lying to ourselves. Yet our hearts long to be heard. As our hearts know the truth. Our bodies also know the truth. For our bodies have been on the same journey right with us, right from the moment we were conceived. Like a memory bank of all that we have experienced from that very moment when our bodies were being prepared to receive the essence of our Soul. All is recorded in each and every cell of our bodies, in our cellular memory. Holding long forgotten memories, stories untold, hurts and trauma, all loaded with emotions that clog up all levels of our being. We do not want to feel. And so we bury it all, deep within. Yet it affects who we are, our beliefs and behaviours. And one day or another, aching and sore, our being longs to be freed. And so is the journey of the Soul. Until we become whole.

As resonant beings, we have the power through our own voice to use cutting edge vibrational miracles to go right to the core, to these dark places, in swirls of resonant sounds, to uproot, dissolve, transform and heal all manners of blockages, old memories, unexpressed emotions and negative beliefs. Welcoming all sounds – the good and the ugly. Allowing our true voice to emerge and our true essence to be revealed, as we free up the space within. And allow the song of our Soul to shine through into freedom, joy, compassion and true self-expression. There is no return. The Authentic Self is longing for more and the journey goes on.

If your Soul is longing for freedom and joy, if you want to experience what it really feels like to be fully alive, to express yourself fully with your whole being, join me on the Soul Voice® journey. I promise that it will be amazing and rewarding (I never said easy!) I will be honoured to take you on a journey where you can feel safe enough to trust and let go, so you can shed the past, release fear, pain and trauma and anything else that holds you back from being you.

(© Chantal Fabrice)

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