Markus Kitzberger Psychotherapy in South East and Central London

My approach to Coaching

My one-to-one coaching is based on 'The Sherpa Guide' by Brenda Corbett which is the only coaching process endorsed by multiple universities. With this approach I am drawing on my experience of having worked in the mental health field for over 15 years and having practiced EFT, NLP, Psychotherapy and Counselling privately since 2005/2009.

I have also worked quite extensively on a solution-focused short-term basis during the past few years including EAP work (Employee Assistance Program) for Care First, WPO, Validium and ComPsych.

This 12-week coaching programme is based on ‘The Sherpa Guide’ by Brenda Corbett.
The programme is delivered in 12 sessions of 1 hour and is designed to help managers and employees to improve on issues like difficulties communicating expectations, handling staff, relating to other team members, lack of confidence, being disorganised – just to name a few.

During the 12 weeks the sessions will evolve around the following topics:

  • Employee’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Goal setting and the ramifications of change

  • Support available in the employee’s environment

  • Perception and expectations

  • Values and motivation

  • Comfort zone and fears

  • Accountability and attitude

  • In addition one of the following topics will be explored in depth:

  • Problem solving

  • Communication

  • Listening skills

  • Non-productive behaviour

  • Creating enthusiasm

  • Leadership

  • Decision making

  • Time management

  • Image and presence

  • Personal vision

    Please contact me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you.

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